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Caressa Jennings 

Vice President

Caressa J is a sought after Life & Relationship Coach and Grief & Loss Expert. As a certified life coach and grief recovery specialist, she travels the region helping individuals and families to rebuild after personal tragedies and trauma.  Through her private practice, she coaches countless women to liberate themselves from the beliefs and behaviors that keep them bound to unhealthy and unhappy lives.

Known for her authenticity and straight-from-the-hip approach, Caressa’s passion is fueled by her own pursuit of happiness and freedom. The personal challenges she has faced once seemed insurmountable.  She has loved and lost. She has been beaten and broken. A survivor, she has stared death in the face. But God had a different ending for her story. Today, she shares the unedited narrative of her life, inspiring others to redefine their own.  An impassioned speaker, she delivers motivational messages to personal development, women’s empowerment and grief support groups.

Caressa is a vocal social justice and women’s rights advocate, and regularly lends her insight to high-profile tragedies on a national and global scale as an activist and blogger. Caressa has been featured in Black Enterprise, JET Mag, Huffington Post, and Madamenoire. She is also the Founder and President of Life Savers United, Inc., a nonprofit with a mission to Give Hope, Heal Broken Hearts and Save Lives through increased education, aid, and advocacy for those who have experienced grief and loss in their lives.

She received her Masters of Arts in Human Services: Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and earned her Bachelors in Social Work from Virginia Union University. She has worked in the field of social work, and counseling, with an emphasis on grief and loss, for over a decade.  Her debut book, The Fight of My Life, will be available worldwide Winter 2016.

Caressa currently resides in the Washington DC. Metropolitan area.

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