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Stories of Survivors

Stories of Survivors (S.O.S) is a support group consisting of domestic violence survivors who have become advocates for domestic violence victims.


It is our goal to promote awareness and provide support that will encourage victims  of domestic violence to seek help and end the cycle of domestic violence by:


  • Connecting victims of domestic violence to resources in moments of emergency, distress, and crisis.

  • Using “Story of Self “ and other testimonial techniques to identify “Red Flags” and “Warning Signs” of domestic violence.

  • Creating a trusting and safe-space for victims to effectively communicate their encounters with domestic violence and provide support.

  • Providing victims with necessary tactics, guidance, and help to develop safe exit strategies.

  • Conducting frequent self-awareness and inspirational meetings, coaching, and seminars to survivors and victims of domestic violence.

  • Teaching survivors how to tell their survival stories- (identifying a survivor's voice through storytelling.)

  • Providing continued grief recovery coaching for survivors of domestic violence.


If you are a survivor of domestic violence, please become an ambassador of  4 Her Women’s Network’s  S.O.S Program. There are victims of domestic violence that need to hear YOUR story to save their lives. Sign up today!

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