Darline Goyea

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Darline Goyea

My name is Darline Goyea...I always find it hard to write about myself because my life is constantly changing, moving, and evolving. What is consistent about me is I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and aunt.

What I want for myself, what I strive for, is to be a spiritual woman, a good friend, a reliable employee, a kind and respected human being to start. What I know about all these things and to continue to be on this path is to first love myself, before I can be of service to others. Before I can be a good spouse, mother or friend, I have to love myself. I need to always be me, in all my honesty and truth...never compromise.

I keep my space positive, whether it's my living space or the people around me. I am a lover of life. An extrovert to the fullest, with the gift of gab! As the creator and host of my podcast show, Tuesday Coffee Talk, I focus on providing a platform for the voices of ALL women. Tuesday Coffee Talk is a unique traveling podcast, that is specifically centered and dedicated to uplifting and empowering women. As the host, I facilitate discussions of day-to-day topics that affect the everyday woman. Beyond my passion for my show, I enjoy shopping, exercising, doing anything that makes me laugh, and spending time with my family and friends.



Darline "Dee" Goyea

Tuesday Coffee Talk


FB & IG: @tuesdaycoffeetalk

Podcast: tuesdaycoffeetalk.podbean.com

There are women around the world working tirelessly to make positive influences in the lives of others. These acts of selflessness, courage, and love create a lasting impact on their communities. However, these same acts of kindness are not always highlighted or recognized.


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